Cancellation and Refund policy

Generally, online courses orders are NOT eligible for refund, cancellation or transfer to a Seminar courses. But, we MAY approve a refund/transfer request provided the Student meets the following requirements:

  1. 1. The Student MUST notify us of their desire to transfer or cancellation of  the course IN WRITING within 24-hours/1 day of placing the online order. Requests MUST be sent via email (VERBAL requests in any case are NOT accepted) to following address: AND;
  2. 2. The Student must NOT HAVE EXCEEDED the MAXIMUM training TIME ALLOWED for ANY online course:
  • Courses with a TOTAL course time of 30 minutes to 1-hour: 10 minutes MAXIMUM
  • Courses with a TOTAL course time of 1-hour to 2-hours: 15 minutes MAXIMUM
  • Courses with a TOTAL course time of 2-hours to 7-hours, 59 minutes: 20 minutes MAXIMUM
  • Courses with a TOTAL course time of 8-Hours or more30 minutes MAXIMUM

Transfers: ALL Transfer requests MUST be made within 24-Hours/1 day of placing your order. We will ONLY approve transfer requests if the Student has not EXCEEDED the MAXIMUM time allotted. You may transfer your registration fee to a course of equal or lesser value. The tuition difference will NOT be refunded for transfers INTO a course of LESSER value. Transfers to courses of GREATER value must include payment of additional tuition with the transfer request.

If in any case the request is made AFTER 24-hours OR the student has completed MORE THAN the MAXIMUM allotted training time (indicated above) your tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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