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Snapchat for Marketing – hacking your sales growth


    How to use SNAPCHAT series – 5 ultimate things you can do SNAPCHAT

    Why should I use snapchat……??

    Snapchat is the new fun way of messaging and sharing your pictures.

    Now share your emotion through a “snap”, don’t just take selfie make your own short memories with snapchat.

    You can basically communicate with each other through explicitly short lived images- the image we share remain for 24 hours only

    You can say; it works on the motto ‘make new memories everyday’

    We can go through the snaps in chronological order, thus it becomes easy to know what happened recently. It helps you to be updated about what’s going around in your social circle. Just by tapping on your friend’s contact you can see periodically about all the activities they have performed in last 24 hours.

    How to use SNAPCHAT…

    Snapchat is an application for messaging and sharing multimedia –It is the new trend. The popularity of Snapchat can be known by the factor that how crazy users are about earning points on Snapchat, it has become a new parameter of coolness. In the rushing life of today you can’t just call each of your friends and tell them about your activities but with just 10 seconds everything can be said.

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