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Conversion Optimization – doubling sales with same traffic


Why Conversion Optimisation?

Conversion Optimization (often called as Conversion Rate Optimisation) is the method of improving the traffic to sales ratio i.e. how can you make more people buy from your traffic.

As we all know that getting organic traffic (from SEO and SMM) is difficult, and it requires a long effort to build that traffic. Hence to get results quick, we do SEM (Search and Display Ads) and Facebook Ads. And the cost of Ads  as well as executing these ads is increasing day by day.

So stay ahead, you need to make sure that, when a person clicks on your ad and visits your website, you should get this visitor to buy something, so that your Ad cost is recovered.

CRO helps us in converting more and more visitors to your Website into sales.

What is in this Course?

This course helps you to do the following:

  1. This course helps you to do the following:
    • Design Campaigns which are profitable
    • Optimise your website for more sales
    • Improve your Marketing Funnel
    • Improve your Sales & Buyer Cycle
    • Improve your Products Brand Image


  2. This course will Teach you the following:
    • Value Proposition
    • Impact of User Interface and User Experience on Customers
    • Content Development Foundation
    • Digital Marketing Analytics
    • Testing of Marketing Campaigns

How will this course benefit you?

  1. This will help you to improve your career prospects by 1.5X
  2. This will help you to improve your Marketing RoI by 3X
  3. This will help you to increase your marketing and sales budget by 2X
  4. This will help you to improve your Product/Service Prospects online
  5. This will help you to build a large Customer List you can benefit forever

Who should take this course?

  1. Digital Marketers
  2. SEO Professionals
  3. Social Media Professionals
  4. Digital Marketing Job Seekers
  5. Entrepreneurs
  6. Product/Service Marketers
  7. Marketing Managers
  8. Marketing CXO’s

What is required for this Course?

This course requires you to do/have the following:

  1. Take out 4 hours every week
  2. Basic knowledge of Digital Marketing
  3. Hunger to Grow your Career
  4. Commitment towards your own Growth in Life

Course Curriculum

Introdution:Doubling your Sales from same Traffic 00:10:00
The Problem
THE CHALLENGES: Common SEO/SEM Mess Ups 00:10:00
Why SEO/SEM Guys Mess Up? 00:10:00
The Big Problem: Not Knowing the Customer 00:15:00
The Solution: Make Buyer Persona! What is Buyer Persona? Why is Buyer Persona Important? 00:10:00
Ingredients of a Good Buyer Persona 00:10:00
Tools you need to make a good buyer persona. How to make a good buyer persona? 00:15:00
Merketing Funnel
Marketing Funnel and Examples of Marketing Funnel? 00:10:00
Why it is important and How marketing funnel helps in driving sales? 00:15:00
How to make a good marketing funnel? Most important thing for a marketing funnel? 00:10:00
How to Implement marketing funnels to build your marketing strategy 00:15:00

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