Our Domain name is no accident. It is result of using a technique that helps remember it for a longer while.


For expanding digital consulting business at Growth Pixel, internal training was already identified as an integral part of our new recruit on-boarding process.


We are trying to recruit more people who shall get useful in our digital consulting business ASAP after joining

Process thought

Recruit candidates who are certified and have practical experience to execute Digital Marketing Campaigns in various business scenario.

Problem Identified

Experienced Digital Marketers know only old school knowledge, have never updated themselves to recent changes.

Certified Digital Marketing students has all theoretically based knowledge, and that too with old curriculum. There is a total lack of practical knowledge and experience.


After sifting through 426 Resumes, called 2 people for interview and rejected 1 in interview and had to sack the other in 1st month only.


Market Study

We asked around and found that this is a very widely spread problem almost in all the organisations


To recruit totally fresh candidates and train them according to our peer-to-peer learning process


Awesome results were obtained, but it took 3 months to first teach them the basics of Digital Marketing and then starts their practical training with advance issues on Digital Marketing which in all takes 6 – 8 months for a person to be fruitful for our consulting business.

Scenario at Internal company's Brainstorming Session

The Team Management team is trying to identify the problem which is leading to failure of Digital Marketing Certified students to get faster on-board organisations.

  • Why are people not able to perform immediately joining the organisations?
  • How we can help get these freshers and professionals get on board faster?

While discussing the problem, we arrived at the solution easily since our capability of providing Digital Marketing Coaching service to other organisations. In these organisations and ours too we had successfully used Peer-to-Peer Education system for an in depth understanding of the concepts along with a more unique curriculum.

But, no one has used Peer-to-Peer Education system successfully in online scenario, specially when it might cost differently than offline and online coachings and tutorials. Hence, our idea of Growth Pixel Academy which will be making very specialized and unique courses and experiment the best way of learning Digital Marketing & Ecommerce in depth.

Where-in Digital Brain will take these and other courses ahead to the masses for their and whole industries benefit. Hence the main purpose of Digital Brain is to help people fruitfully participate in enhancing their organisations value.

We want to share all our advance learnings done at our consulting organisation Growth Pixel and also looking towards partnering with organisation in other field to put their courses on Digital Brain to help people with their learnings. The Learnings to go beyond what is prevalent in the market and add a great value to their organisation and become irreplaceable assets for them.

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